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An unfortunate reality of life is that we are all going to die. We can’t prevent that, but we can ease the suffering of the loved ones we leave behind by taking decisive action to protect family assets and preserve them for the benefit of our loved ones after our deaths.

Estate planning is asset protection planning. The goal is to transfer as much benefit to your beneficiaries as possible without paying more tax than is absolutely necessary, without significantly diminishing the assets, and without eliminating the beneficiaries’ ability to receive collateral benefits in the case of disabled or special needs individuals. Good estate planning requires experienced counsel who will listen to your wishes and advise you of the best methods for carrying out your asset protection plan after your death. Poorly written wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents can cause a loss of benefits, a loss of assets, and other financial hardships for your beneficiaries. These penalties can be severe and may result in a complete nullification of the wishes of the deceased person.

No matter what your net worth, it is important to have your estate plan in place. Having the right estate plan for you will:

  • Provide for the needs of yourself, your family, and your beneficiaries
  • Save Money for both you and your beneficiaries
  • Save Time by avoiding the court and probate process
  • Save Effort by not having any complicated government forms to fill out
  • Eliminate Probate which costs time, money and heartache
  • Keep You In Control by having your wishes written out
  • Maintain Your Privacy by not having your estate show up in public court records

These days estate planning is for everyone, not just the wealthy. Estate planning includes retirement planning, business succession, charitable giving, planning in the event of disability, and gift planning in addition to wills and living trusts. We can guide you through the maze of estate planning tools to decide which is the best one for your particular situation.

When you are planning your estate, make certain that the attorney you choose is especially familiar with wills, trusts, and estate planning, but who is also well versed in tax law, bankruptcy law, business formations and asset protection law. Any attorney can draft a Will, but many attorneys have no real experience in comprehensive estate planning and will have only passing knowledge of the larger issues involved in complex asset protection plans. Using a law firm that has significant experience in estate planning matters assures you that the attorney is familiar with the various benefits systems, drafting of proper wills, tax planning and avoidance, and the creation of trusts, and ultimately the defense of the estate planning instruments should they be challenged by the Court, government agencies, disinherited family members, or others.

At the Allen Law Firm, we have years of experience in such matters. We handle simple and complex estate planning matters such as:

  • Wills, powers of attorney, living wills, and prenuptial agreements;
  • Living Trusts (inter vivos trusts) and other probate avoidance vehicles;
  • Estate and trust administration, Guardianships;
  • Estate and gift tax planning, A/B trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts;
  • Succession planning for family businesses;
  • FLPs, LLCs, GRATs, QPRTs, multigenerational trusts;
  • Special Needs Trusts for the disabled;
  • Estate Planning for non-citizen U.S. residents;
  • 401(k) Plans, IRAs and other qualified and nonqualified retirement plans;
  • Domestic and foreign asset protection trusts;
  • Charitable Trusts.

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