About the Firm

Counties MapThe Allen Law Firm is a full-service law firm representing both individuals and business clients in Ohio and, for certain types of cases, throughout the United States. We represent clients in both litigation and transactional matters and practice in all state and federal courts.  We focus our practice in the areas of Bankruptcy, Business Litigation, Estate Planning and Probate, Family Law, Immigration, Tax Relief, and Traffic and DUI cases.

Hiring a Lawyer

Most people have very few interactions with attorneys so picking an attorney can be difficult. It is important to evaluate whether a particular attorney or law firm is right for you.

The following are a few things to keep in mind when selecting an attorney or law firm to represent you:

  • Is the lawyer experienced at handling the type of case you have?
  • Will you actually meet and interact with an attorney or will your case be completely handled by the firm’s clerical staff?
  • Does the attorney use a written contract and disclose the scope of the representation and the fee arrangement up front?
  • Does the attorney have relationships with other professionals (attorneys, accountants, expert witnesses) that he can call on to assist in areas that are not within his expertise?
  • Does the attorney carry a policy of professional liability insurance?
  • Does the attorney offer a free initial consultation?
  • Does the attorney bill in tenths of an hour increments or larger increments?
  • Are the attorneys and staff friendly, as well as competent?

If you chose to engage the services of the Allen Law Firm, LLC, there will be one answer to all of the above questions. That answer is “Yes”.

The Allen Law Firm Way

Here at the Allen Law Firm, our work and professional ethics dictate how we handle each and every case with which we are entrusted. We believe that every client deserves respect, attention and above all dedication to his or her case. We strive to communicate clearly with the client to make sure that the client understands the options available to him or her and can make an informed decision concerning his or her legal rights.

We have offices across southern Ohio and principally serve the counties of Warren, Butler, Hamilton, Clermont, Clinton, Adams, Jackson, Brown, Highland, Galia, Greene, Lawrence, Pike, Ross, Scioto, and Vinton.

At the Allen Law Firm, each employee is committed to quality, personalized client representation.  We have the experience to tailor our representation to the needs of individual clients.  We work closely with clients to understand the needs and goals of clients and to ensure that clients correctly understand their legal rights and their options as cases proceed.

We zealously advocate our clients’ interests in all matters.  We focus on providing practical and effective representation to the resolution of each client’s matters whether legal or transactional, while conserving client resources wherever possible. Client needs are placed first in any engagement and our clients receive the highest quality services as economically as possible.

At the Allen Law Firm we specialize in giving individualized attention to each client. Clients will not be shuffled off to some associate attorney or staff member without the experience necessary to handle the client’s case or passed back and forth from staff member to staff member.  Client matters are assigned to an experienced attorney and his assistants who will handle the case from start to finish and who will be up to speed on the client’s matter at all times.

We sign a written fee agreement with every client so that the client knows exactly the scope of the work we are engaged to perform and what the cost of the work will be. In most cases, we attempt to perform work on a flat-fee basis.  This means the client knows up front exactly what the cost of the work is.  Some cases, such as those involving litigation, are not amenable to flat-fee billing and will be billed hourly or on a contingency basis, but the terms will be spelled out in advance and will not change during the course of the representation, unless the scope of the work changes.

Once we are retained, clients will be given direct contact email and telephone numbers for the attorneys and staff handling the client’s cases so that the client can get information about his or her case when the need arises.  We copy clients on all correspondence and filings we make on behalf of the client so that the client is always up to date on the status of his or her case.

For individuals, each member of the staff at Allen Law Firm understands  that while we represent many clients, it is likely that our representation is the first interaction our clients have had with the legal system.  With this in mind, we take every step to ensure clients understand their rights, the legal process, and their options at every step of the proceedings.  We  make sure that knowledgeable staff members are always available to answer client questions and provide information.

Business clients will find that the staff at Allen Law Firm possess a keen understanding of the law as well as the markets.  We make it a point to quickly obtain a reasonable understanding of clients’ business plans, technology, and core functionality so we can better provide representation and effectively protect the rights of our clients.  Legal representation and counseling is critical in our complex, modern world. If you would like to discuss your legal, transactional or litigation issue with one of our attorneys, please contact us today.

Even though our knowledge and experience is broad, we are not afraid to make use of experts when necessary to the full representation of our clients’ interests.  Over the years, we have assembled a team of experts in various disciplines who are available to assist us in litigation when the need arises.

Serving Southwest Ohio clients in Cincinnati, Mason, Lebanon, West Chester, Montgomery, Hamilton, Middletown, Batavia, Wilmington and surrounding areas.

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